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For artists

To help artists assess if a moving image work has the characteristics of the genre artists' moving image works or alternative film, see here.

Submitting your work.

If you wish to submit a work for consideration for inclusion in the MexIndex, please register. Once you receive confirmation that you are registered then you can submit the details of the work. Our administration will update you on the status of your application as soon as possible.

Once your work is accepted into the repository, either the public or private section, you can log in any time and update your page.

Criteria for automatic inclusion of information on works in the MexIndex Repository

'The repository' refers to the complete data held by the MexIndex a part of which are the works published on the website. But there are a large number of works awaiting publication in the repository which are not visible unless you are logged into the site.

All relevant works are welcomed and will be assessed by our administration. Just log in and submit your a work if you think it fits the genre.

The following works can be automatically added to the repository and the published website:

  1. Works where the artist already has a page on the MexIndex website.

  2. Works selected by visiting MexIndex Curators.

  3. Works held in National Museums, Local Authority, OPW or Arts Council Collections or the equivalent in Ireland/Northern Ireland.

  4. Works that have officially represented Ireland/Northern Ireland at the Venice Biennale.

  5. Works proposed by Advisory Board members. Once a year each board member may propose up to 3 works to be added to the Website. If agreed by all members, and up to 9 works may be published on the site. Lobbying of the Advisory Board will not be entertained.

Works that meet any three of the following criteria can be added to the unpublished part of the repository.

  1. Works selected for open submission by a jury in which professional artists or curators have participated.

  2. Works curated in an exhibition, film festival or experimental screening by a curator.

  3. Works reviewed in a published format, printed or online.

  4. Works supported by funding from Culture Ireland, Arts Council Ireland, Arts Council of Northern Ireland or the equivalent.

  5. Works commissioned by a government, local authority, museum or the equivalent.

  6. Works that have received an award in which professional artists or curators have participated in the selection process.

By having information on their work in the MexIndex artists will gain the following benefits:

  • Their works can be found easily by visiting curators, gallerists, writers and academics across the globe.

  • The information on the works will be stored in The National Irish Visual Arts Library, NIVAL.

  • Works may be included in themed screenings and exhibitions by the visiting curators.

  • Works will come to the attention of gallerists, academics and researchers interested in artists' moving images and experimental film.

PLEASE NOTE the artists or their representatives hold the actual works/artifacts themselves. The MexIndex will provide links to same where the artist makes it possible.

The Board of Advisors will review the criteria for inclusion from time to time.

FS September 2020

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